Masters of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering
University of Ottawa


Research Supervisor: Jochen Lang
Thesis Title: Haptic Image Exploration
Submitted for defence on October 31st, 2011, and defended on December 14th, 2011.

Object Level Hierarchy of a photograph

The Phantom haptic device


Image preparation


Core Courses (Biomedical Engineering)

BMG 5101, Fall 2009
Engineering Analysis and Modelling of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Teachers: Michel Labrosse and many more.
Michel Labrosse
Project: Report on the Knee
Grade: A

BMG 5102, Fall 2009
Ethics Research Methods and Standards
Teacher: Monique Frize
Project: Report on Exoskeletons and Nannycams
Grade: A-

Specialization Courses (Image Processing)

BMG 5105, Winter 2010
Biomedical Image Processing
Teacher: Yuu Ono
Yuu Ono
Project: Survey on image based Tumor Detection methods
Grade: A-

ELG 5378, Winter 2011
Image Processing & Image Communication
Teacher: Eric Dubois
Eric Dubois Isotropic Median Filter Histrogram Dominant Mode Filter RGB versus LAB filtering Dilatation Isotropic Game of Life
Project: Isotropic Histogram Filters and their applications
Grade: A+

General Electives

CSI 5127, Winter 2010
Applied Computational Geometry
Teacher: Michiel Smid
Delaunay, Voronoi and Point Location Robustness problems Robustness problems
Project: Delaunay triangulation & Voronoi diagrams & Point Location
Presentation: Robustness problems in geometric computations
Grade: A+

ELG 5163, Winter 2010
Machine Vision
Teacher: Pierre Payeur
Pierre Payeur Complex surveillance scene Surveillance scene Foreground extraction
Project: Adaptive Background Substitution in a Surveillance Application
Grade: A


MAT 2384, Fall 2009
A-Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Methods
Teacher: Joseph Khoury
Joseph Khoury


GRAND 2011, Vancouver
Poster: Haptic Image Exploration

GRAND 2010, Ottawa
Poster: Interactive Exploration of Images with Ambient Haptic Context

AI/GI/CRV 2010, Ottawa

Computer Graphics Reading Group, Summer 2010

Focus: SIGGRAPH 2010 papers.

2010-09-01 David Lareau
Structure-Based ASCII Art
by Xuemiao Xu, Linling Zhang, Tien-Tsin Wong

2010-08-11 Alan Brunton
Unstructured Video-Based Rendering: Interactive Exploration of Casually Captured Videos
by Luca Ballan, Gabriel J. Brostow, Jens Puwein Marc Pollefeys

2010-07-21 Jochen Lang
Discrete Scale Axis Representations for 3D Geometry
by Balint Miklos, Joachim Giesen, Mark Pauly, ACM Transactions of Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2010

2010-07-14 Antonio Silva
From Image Parsing to Painterly Rendering
by Kun Zeng, Mingtian Zhao, Caiming Xiong and Song-Chun Zhu

2010-07-05 David Lareau
Smoothed Local Histogram Filters
by Michael Kass, Justin Solomon

2010-06-23 Simon Silk
Street Slide: Browsing Street Level Imagery
by Johannes Kopf, Billy Chen, Richard Szeliski, Michael Cohen

2010-06-16 Jochen Lang
Robust single-view geometry and motion reconstruction
by H. Li, B. Adams, L.J. Guibas, M. Pauly. ACM Trans. Graph. 28, 5, 2009.

Teacher Assistant Positions

CSI 3520, Fall 2010
Concepts des Languages de Programmation
Teacher: Nathalie Japkowicz
Description: Lab, Correction, Substitute Teacher
Class Size: 6
Job Size: 0.5

CSI 2510, Fall 2010
Structures de données et algorithmes
Teacher: Paola Flocchini
Description: Assignment Design and Correction
Class Size: 20+
Job Size: 0.25

ITI 1520, Fall 2011
Introduction à l’Informatique I
Teacher: Nathalie Japkowicz
Description: Labs and Correction
Class Size: 60+
Job Size: 1.0