Past Projects

Pong (Winter 2001)

I've learned Java by doing this project. I heard Java was cool, so I jumped in this during the Christmas holidays. The best were the sounds effects done with my mouth and Preston Manning (Canadian politician) as the Pong Master.

Bob VS Bob (1995)

Bob VS Bob One, the one that started it all. Two stick man staring each other down. Press 's' and the left guy wins. Pressed 'l' and the guy on the right wins. The game starred Killer Bob, a spiked helmet man, and Magic Bob (later renamed to Peace Bob) who was just a bald stick man. The code and the binary are lost forever.

Bob VS Bob 2 (1996)

Bob VS Bob 2 introduced Radioactive Bob. I don't remember it very much. The graphics were better (no stick man), but the gameplay was the same. The code is also lost forever.

Bob VS Bob 3: The Armageddon (Winter 1997)

Bob VS Bob 3, the game that changed it all. Peace Bob unexpected return as a peg-leg cripple and the meaner than ever Killer Bob once again going at each other. Each player now has 5 energy points, multiple attacks and blocking moves. Each time a Bob attacked, he would make a distinctive signal before so that the other could think of a possible block. For exemple, if Killer Bob draws his pistol, Peace Bob has about one second to raise his magical shield, but if he ducked instead, he'd get a head shot. If you made all bleeding moves in the right order, you could get the rewarding message "Blood Bath" when you won.