David Lareau's TicTacToe

Game description

An implementation of the famous game that goes about as TicTacToe. Play this crazy game against four terrible foes or against a human (hot seat).


Supreme Victory Defender Wins Attacker Trick


This project was written in Java and compiled with JSE v1.4, so the appropriate Runtime Environment is required.

Bugs & Thoughts

For some reason, if I play the game as an applet, the sounds will often duplicate and there will be two sounds heard after each play. This bug is not found when ran as an application. (edit note 2010: 8 years later, the applet does not seem buggy anymore)


The game was coded by myself, David Lareau. Pictures were also took by me. I'd like to thank Random Joe for pausing his eternal game of Magic Number to play TicTacToe with us.


TicTacToe (2002-12-09)


To run as an application, you have to do: java -jar TicTacToe.jar
To run as a (buggy) applet, click here: TicTacToe

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